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Mustang Dyno TuningIn a continuing effort to provide a better driving experience for our customers, PickupsPlusCars as added new Mustang Dynamometer AWD-500-SE load bearing dyno to our shop.

This dyno was custom built for us by Mustang to fit a wide variety of needs and applications.  With an outer track width of 98" and the ability to do all-wheel-drive vehicles of up to 154" wheelbase it is the largest AWD-500-SE Mustang has ever built.

What is a load bearing dyno?  Most dynos measure how fast you spin the roller from a beginning rpm to an ending rpmDyno Turning Columbus, Cleveland, Toledo give a horsepower and torque reading from there.  No matter what the vehicle weighs, the rollers of the dyno always weigh the same amount.  A load bearing dyno works a little bit differently.  On our dyno we input the weight of the vehicle and also the aerodynamic factor of the vehicle being tested.  From there, through the use of an Eddy Current Power Absorption Unit, the rollers are loaded to simulate actual vehicle weight and even more load is added as the vehicle accelerates simulating wind resistance as well.  With a load bearing setup  the vehicle actually accelerates as it would on the street.  A load bearing dyno is also not limited to wide open throttle horsepower sweeps like the other dynos.  Low speed drivability, 0-60 runs, ¼ mile runs, inclines, and towing simulation are just a few of the tests that can only be done on a load bearing dyno like the AWD-500-SE.

PickupsPlusCars offers custom dynotuning for your vehicle. Whether you have a Ford, Chevy, or Dodge, PickupsPlusCars has you covered. PickupsPlusCars has invested in the very best software available for  each application to provide you with the best tuning experience possible.

Ford tuning is accomplished using SCT's Advantage III software. PickupsPlusCars is a Certified SCT dealer with Calibrator level access (the highest level of software access and only awarded to the elite SCT dealers).  Whether you are in need for a custom burnt chip or a custom tuned X3, SCT has what your vehicle needs.

GM tuning is accomplished using a combination of HPtuners and SCT software. Hptuners has the best software available to tune your GM car or truck. We also offer cusom tuned SCT X2's for certain GM LS1 applications for those looking to have a handheld device.

Dyno Turning Indiana, Michigan, CincinnatiDCX Chrysler/Dodge tuning is accomplished using Diablosport's CMR package. If you have a 5.7 Hemi car/truck, 6.1 SRT8, 3.5lx, or 2.4 SRT4, Diablosport has you covered.

So whether you need a custom dynotune or just want to see what kind of power your vehicle is making, PickupsPlusCars would like to invite you to experience  the load bearing AWD-500-SE for yourself.  If you aren't using a load bearing dyno, you are just spinning your wheels!

Please feel free to contact us at (740)549-2828 or email us at lewiscenter@pickupspluscars.com with all of your custom tuning needs.

Dyno Tuning Results:
Click each title for before and after Dyno graph results

2003 Silverado SS
2007 Mustang GT
F150 Magnacharger Supercharger
1991 Mustang 5.0
2008 Ford F150
2000 Chevy Silverado
2007 Hummer H3
2005 Chevy Trailblazer

SCT Diablowsport HP Tuners

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